When you call us, we will visit you, discuss your project and prepare your estimate free of charge. We strongly advise you to obtain estimates from several contractors before making your final decision. And, if you are a senior citizen, don’t hesitate to ask about a discount. We still offers 10% discount on contracts to all seniors.

Once we agree on a price—it’s guaranteed! There are no additional or hidden costs. Make sure your contractor explains all costs and what the job entails (e.g. who pays for and does the cleanup).

Quality materials & workmanship: our work is guaranteed.

All building and structural work completed by us is done according to current building codes with appropriate permits under the supervision of local building inspectors. Be sure to ask your contractor who will provide drawings or plans and required permits, and whether you or he will schedule inspection visits.

We hope this information will help you in your endeavour, and we at Gonyea,  encourage you to call us if you have additional questions. Our motto: An Educated Customer is a Happy Customer.

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