Install eaves troughs for better management of water flow during rain, or spring thaw. All our eaves are 5″ seamless troughs, and come in a variety of colors to match your fascia, siding or roof color.Troughs are formed on site to exact measurements. Downspouts can direct water through ‘O’ tubing well away from the house or structure. Or, consider ‘flip-hinge‘ downspouts which allow you to move the downspout out of the way when you are gardening or mowing the lawn.Rural Water Protection Program for farmers: recently the government enacted a law requiring all barn structures housing livestock to have eaves. Gonyea Eaves, Siding & Renovation can install eaves along roof’s edge of all your farm structures.If your eaves troughs are installed with a steel roof,consider adding ice breaks (snow locks) at roof edge,to assist your eaves troughs during the winter months of heavy snow and ice.